About (Old)

I grew up in a small town (try 1,100 population) called Los Olivos - Spanish for "The Olives." Most place it as being between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. The weather is consistently amazing - some of my happiest Summertime memories are of staying up late with all the windows open throughout the house, unable to sleep because of the heat and enjoying my family's company while in our skivvies. 

My childhood was fantastic! It consisted of picking fruit off the two apricot trees in the backyard while our animals sunbathed, sleepovers at my Gran's, weekends spent playing on the hoists at my Dad's automotive repair shop, entertaining my younger sisters with late night gimmicks, and racing around the backroads of wine country in my best friend's Volkswagen - among many other adventures.


The Central Coast holds a special place in my heart, but also kept me feeling sheltered. Which is why I migrated to San Francisco in 2012 - I wanted the diversity, the Indian food, the access to museums and fellow photographers, and the drag Queens. My photographic career is only just beginning and what better environment to capture and document than a city whose patrons and climates change per neighborhood. 


He has a strong curiosity for water.

He has a strong curiosity for water.

Meet my baby, Elijah.